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Technical Accounting

We assist companies in addressing the ever-changing accounting guidance by assisting companies in the adoption of new accounting pronouncements and the application of existing guidance to complex or unique transactions.

  • Implementation of New Accounting Guidance

    Our team assists you with the adoption of the ever-changing accounting standards as the FASB continues its convergence with IASB. Our team uses their knowledge of the new standards to assist you in evaluating the potential impact of the new standard on your financial statements (including SAB 74 disclosures) and leading you through the implementation process. Recent projects include:

    – Implementation of ASC 606 for both private and public entities

    – Assistance in assessing impact of ASC 842

    – Assisting in ensuring compliance with build-to-suit lease guidance

  • Application of existing guidance to complex or one-off transactions

    Our team assists our clients in ensuring the correct accounting treatment for transactions where they may not have the in-house technical expertise. Typical transactions we assist with include the following:

    Stock based comp

    Draft technical memos to assess and conclude on technical stock comp issues including modifications performance and market based awards

    • Provide assistance in drafting stock based compensation disclosures

  • Unique equity or debt transactions

    Draft technical memos assessing and concluding on technical or complex equity or debt transactions including:

    • Accounting for convertible and redeemable preferred stock
    • Convertible debt
    • Derivatives
    • Warrants and other complex equity instruments
    • Accounting for debt modifications and restructures

    Business combinations

    • Drafting technical memos assessing the nature of the business combination and the applicable guidance
    • Assisting clients through the creation of the purchase price allocation journal entries

    Impairment analyses

    • Drafting memos to assess and conclude on impairment analyses related to goodwill and long-lived assets.

Ryan Ollivier

CPATechnical Accounting Lead and Co-Founder of The Cadence Group
Member of IIA, AICPA and ACFE

As co-founder and principal at The Cadence Group, Ryan is extremely knowledgeable in Internal Audit and SOX Practices and currently leads the Financial Reporting and Technical Accounting Practice within The Cadence Group. Having a broad range of experience across a wide variety of industries in both assessing and applying accounting guidance as well as assisting companies streamline business processes, Ryan is an expert in assisting companies with their implementations of new accounting standards, evaluating and concluding on technical accounting issues, improving operational effectiveness, creating budgets and financial forecast models, and managing finance and accounting teams.


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