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Information Security

Protection of your company’s information assets has never been more applicable than in today’s business environment. With high-profile data breaches in the news becoming more the rule than the exception, entities cannot afford to wait until they are compromised and then react. Cadence helps provide smart, strategic, guidance and manpower to help you design and implement security solutions that are right-sized for your company. We offer help in the following areas and more:

  • Security Risk Assessments

    What are our strengths? Where are our gaps? Are we doing enough for our size and complexity?

  • Security Strategy

    Where do we go from here? How do we use our existing tools and personnel effectively? What other tools or skill sets do we need?

  • Security Policy Development

    How do we get started creating a security policy? Is our current policy sufficient? What types of activities should we permit? Which should we prohibit?

  • Security Configuration Reviews

    How do we know if our current systems and technology are configured securely? I know I’m running legacy technology. How do I secure it?

  • Incident Response

    How should be respond if we suspect we’ve been breached?

  • Security Compliance

    What regulations or standards are we subject to? How do I report compliance?

Eric Etherington

CISSP, CISA, MBA vCISO, Practice Lead

Eric Etherington joined Cadence in 2020 and leads our vCISO practice. Previously at Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Uber Technologies, Inc., Eric built foundational programs and teams that were successful in securing the business and enabling future growth. As a strong proponent of a risk-based approach to security, Eric is adept at identifying key areas of focus to maximize spend for risk reduction while creating the flexibility necessary to meet changing business objectives.


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