Financial Accounting
and Technical Reporting

Creating Accurate Reports Every Time

We assist management with their accounting and financial reporting function. Specifically, we specialize in the following:

  • SEC Reporting

    SEC Reporting: We assist management with their SEC reporting requirements, including helping companies draft their SEC filings, comply with technical accounting pronouncements (e.g. stock-based compensation, derivatives and purchase accounting) and draft management responses to SEC comment letters.

  • Financial Reporting

    We generate financial statements and assist management during periods of transition or substantial workload peaks to manage their accounting and finance functions.

  • Financial Audit Preparation

    We assist management in the preparation of financial reports to meet external audit requirements, including preparing the annual financial statements, lead schedules and memos.

  • Due Diligence

    We help companies prepare for merger and acquisition activities by ensuring values are fairly represented.

  • IFRS

    We assist companies understand and if necessary, incorporate international financial reporting standards (IFRS) into their financial reporting processes.

Ryan Ollivier

CPA Technical Accounting Lead and Co-Founder of The Cadence Group
Member of IIA, AICPA and ACFE

As co-founder and principal at The Cadence Group, Ryan is extremely knowledgeable in Internal Audit and SOX Practices and currently leads the Financial Reporting and Technical Accounting Practice within The Cadence Group. Having a broad range of experience across a wide variety of industries of both finance and company operating, Ryan is an expert in streamlining business processes, improving operational effectiveness, evaluating and concluding technical accounting issues, creating budgets and financial forecast models, and managing finance and accounting teams.


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