Enterprise Risk Management

Getting the Best Practices in Place

We provide expertise and best practices to help our clients establish and maintain effective risk management functions. To ensure effective risk identification and risk management, we offer the following:

  • SEC Reporting

    We work together with boards and executive management with the creation, operation, and maintenance of an enterprise-wide risk management function.

  • Risk Assessment and Identification

    We help organizations create or align current risk assessments to establish a consolidated risk population.

  • Project Management

    Project Management: For large strategic and IT initiatives, we provide independent project oversight, quality advisor, pre-implementation security, process control assessments, and post-implementation services.

  • Contingency Planning

    We advise and assess organizations with their plans and objectives related to the development, maintenance and testing of their crisis management, business continuity, and disaster recovery efforts.

Gordy Jacobsen

CPA, QSA, ERM-57 CertifiedPresident and Co-Founder of The Cadence Group

As a co-founder of The Cadence Group, Gordy has worked with several large companies across a range of enterprise risk management functions. From a technical perspective, Gordy has managed various internal audit relationships, information security reviews, HIPAA compliance efforts, Sarbanes-Oxley projects, and SOC (Service Organization Control) Reporting projects. His core expertise is in designing and assessing IT and automated business process controls.



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