Data Analytics

Utilize your organization’s data to make more informed business decisions, become more agile, or get a better handle on compliance risks.



  • Implementing an Analytics Strategy

    Identify the questions your business needs to answer, partnering with key stakeholders, business case presentations, and tool selection.

  • Data Governance

    Implement a data governance framework for your organization to ensure data quality and accuracy by establishing accountability, standards and procedures, quality control, and monitoring

  • Data Preparation and Extraction

    Understand and evaluate the cleanliness and completeness of your data. Develop an efficient, repeatable process to extract, transform, and load data to keep your organization’s data accurate and up to date.

  • Exploration

    Identify trends, outliers, and clusters within existing data sets to drive additional revenue, decrease costs, and manage compliance risk.

  • Visualization and Presentation

    Develop charts, dashboards, and other visualizations to deliver insights and tell the story behind data within tools such as Domo and Tableau.

KC Fike

Executive MBAData Analytics Practice Lead at The Cadence Group

K. C. Fike, the Cadence Group's Data Analytics practice leader, transforms companies into data-driven organizations. Through our work, we have assisted clients in implementing financial, operational, and compliance based analytical programs to meet and achieve our their business and compliance goals.


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