Business Valuation Services

Evaluating and Defining Business Value

We assist our clients by providing independent opinions of value, of all types of business interests. From intangible assets to debt and equity, from options to preferred stock, we understand what drives asset value, business value, how to measure it, and perhaps most importantly, how to improve it. Leveraging our accounting expertise, we determine the quality of the financial statements prior to using them to determine business value. Our professionals have experience in all types of valuation engagements, including those requiring court appearances. Specifically, we specialize in the following:

  • Financial Reporting

    We assist management with GAAP required fair value measurements, including stock option valuations, purchase price allocations, transfer pricing, and goodwill impairment testing.

  • Estate and Gift Taxes

    We generate valuations for use in gift and estate tax returns and to aid in the gift and estate planning process.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

    We help companies know and understand the value of their business prior to engaging in merger and acquisition activities, allowing them to achieve the maximum price possible, or to prevent them from overpaying for a target company.

  • Marital Dissolution

    We assist in achieving a fair resolution to divorce cases by advising the parties and/or the Courts as to the value of a marital business.

  • Shareholder/Partnership Buyouts and Disputes:

    We assist in achieving a fair resolution to shareholder buyouts and disputes by advising the parties regarding the value of a business.

Ryan Ollivier

CPA Technical Accounting Lead and Co-Founder of The Cadence Group
Member of IIA, AICPA and ACFE

As co-founder and principal at The Cadence Group, Ryan is extremely knowledgeable in Internal Audit and SOX Practices and currently leads the Financial Reporting and Technical Accounting Practice within The Cadence Group. Having a broad range of experience across a wide variety of industries in both assessing and applying accounting guidance as well as assisting companies streamline business processes, Ryan is an expert in assisting companies with their implementations of new accounting standards, evaluating and concluding on technical accounting issues, improving operational effectiveness, creating budgets and financial forecast models, and managing finance and accounting teams.


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