Bryan Fisher from The Cadence Group will be presenting at the SF ISACA event on June 25th at 12PM PST.  Members and nonmembers are welcome to attend.

Event Description:

As society becomes more familiar with defensive security tactics (blue team) in order to protect their information, threat actors (red team) must advance their techniques to continue stealing or exploiting that information. We as security professionals must be prepared to mitigate the threats posed by red team attackers. This is accomplished by defining and understanding their capabilities.

What we’ll discuss:

  • Insider threats
  • External Threats
  • Threat Landscapes
  • Tactics Techniques & Procedures used by both malicious and non-malicious threat actors
  • Mitigation techniques to reduce risk.

Event Details:

June 25th at 12PM PST at the SF ISACA event

Sign up for the event via the link below:

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