The Dangers of Cattle in a Containerized Environment

The Dangers of Cattle in a Containerized Environment The growth of popularity of containerized, micro-services environments has arguably pushed us into a new age of computerization. Once we used to set up physical computers in physical data centers and configure…

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Analytics Deep Dive Utilizing Payment Data

In our previous post, we outlined how an Internal Audit department could utilize an analytical approach for their audits, the challenges encountered with starting an analytics program, and how the Cadence Analytical Framework could be leveraged in getting your analytics…

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Internal Audit – Kicking the (virtual) tires

My best friend ran a car dealership for years and he observed that customers almost never bought a car without thoroughly inspecting and driving the vehicle. This makes sense. When making a purchase as large and expensive as a car,…

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How to Automate your SOC 2 Audit

Whether you have been asked for a SOC 2 report or issued your first or recurring report – the verdict is clear. While providing a means of assessing and addressing risks related to the AICPA Trust Services Criteria for Security,…

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PCI – Impact of Working from Home

It goes without saying that the outbreak of COVID-19 has had numerous impacts on “business as usual.” The growing adoption of work from home (WFH) during the pandemic has introduced unique challenges to many organizations’ IT footprint. This new IT…

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Unleash data and supercharge Internal Audit with analytics

How often has this occurred, or been discussed, within your Internal Audit department? Terminated employees retain access and aren’t discovered for months Configurable control settings are modified going undetected ‘We need you to do more testing but on a smaller…

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What’s our Policy?

A policy by definition is “a definite course of action”.  In the workplace, policy is used to govern the business. Policies communicate the values and vision of the organization, and ensure employees understand what is expected of them in certain…

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Domain Admins Everywhere!

A common occurrence within a Windows Active Directory environment is the existence of more Domain Admins than are really needed. This opens the door for confidentiality, integrity, and availability issues within the domain due to human error (unintended consequences of…

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