Why Cadence?

As a risk management and advisory firm, The Cadence Group is dedicated in providing high quality, interactive, and professional services to make your company’s compliance processes simple and easy. Each of the services we provide are designed and executed by professionals who have a core framework of the following values:


We employ professionals with the highest level of expertise allowing effective proficiency that reduces the time spent, stress, and overhead costs associated with our clients’ compliance projects and needs. We also provide on-the-job training, coaching, reviewing and revising the work of less-experienced staff.


Our services are customized to the individual compliance and business needs of our clients. We continuously work with our clients to ensure a successful outcome by understanding the engagement requirements, finding the right balance of external and internal resources, and executing projects to defined timing restrictions and desired deliverables.


Our company’s services and professionals guarantee that our engagements are effectively managed and skillfully executed. Having clearly defined objectives, relevant experience, and cost-sensitive organizational structure allows our clients to receive requested services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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We take great pride in offering a large degree of flexibility to our employees by hiring independent professionals who can manage themselves.

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