“We loved working with The Cadence Group. They have a total "can do" approach to their work. And they back it up with real results. On time, on budget results. They took the time to understand our needs and then started cranking out the solutions. We will definitely bring them in again on our next project.”

— Full Circle Group

About The Cadence Group

The Cadence Group was founded in January 2005. During the initial push to prepare for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, Cadence saw a need for pragmatic, knowledgeable and seasoned professionals—true practitioners in the compliance space. Since that time, Cadence has applied those same principles to SOC reporting, PCI compliance, and other advisory and compliance-based services.

We are comprised of both audit and compliance professionals with several years of experience across a multitude of industries. We came together to create synergies in our diverse specialties to provide an all-encompassing service. With our combined resources, we have significant experience with financial, business, and IT processes that can help any audit, risk management, and compliance initiative.

We have office locations in Salt Lake City, Utah and San Francisco, California. We also have resources in Southern California, Texas and Washington.

Our management team has specialized experience in different aspects of risk management. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business!

Our Values

As a risk management and advisory firm, The Cadence Group is dedicated in providing high quality, interactive, and professional services to make your company’s compliance processes simple and easy. Each of the services we provide are designed and executed by professionals who have a core framework of the following values:


We employ professionals with the highest level of expertise allowing effective proficiency that reduces the time spent, stress, and overhead costs associated with our clients’ compliance projects and needs. We also provide on-the-job training, coaching, reviewing and revising the work of less-experienced staff.


Our services are customized to the individual compliance and business needs of our clients. We continuously work with our clients to ensure a successful outcome by understanding the engagement requirements, finding the right balance of external and internal resources, and executing projects to defined timing restrictions and desired deliverables.


Our company’s services and professionals guarantee that our engagements are effectively managed and skillfully executed. Having clearly defined objectives, relevant experience, and cost-sensitive organizational structure allows our clients to receive requested services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Gordy Jacobsen

CPA, QSA, ERM-57 CertifiedPresident and Co-Founder of The Cadence Group

As a co-founder of The Cadence Group, Gordy has worked with several large companies across a range of enterprise risk management functions. From a technical perspective, Gordy has managed various internal audit relationships, information security reviews, HIPAA compliance efforts, Sarbanes-Oxley projects, and SOC (Service Organization Control) Reporting projects. His core expertise is in designing and assessing IT and automated business process controls.



Travis Nielsen

CPAInternal Controls Lead and Co-Founder of The Cadence Group
Member of IIA, AICPA and UACPA

Since co-founding The Cadence Group, Travis has has been a leading force in The Cadence Group becoming the premier provider of SOX compliance services in Utah. His work experience in public accounting includes a wide range of complex accounting issues, including SEC filings and comment letters, debt restructurings, and stock compensation issues. Travis has been involved in the Sarbanes-Oxley attestation for over 25 public clients.



Ryan Ollivier

CPA Technical Accounting Lead and Co-Founder of The Cadence Group
Member of IIA, AICPA and ACFE

As co-founder and principal at The Cadence Group, Ryan is extremely knowledgeable in Internal Audit and SOX Practices and currently leads the Financial Reporting and Technical Accounting Practice within The Cadence Group. Having a broad range of experience across a wide variety of industries of both finance and company operating, Ryan is an expert in streamlining business processes, improving operational effectiveness, evaluating and concluding technical accounting issues, creating budgets and financial forecast models, and managing finance and accounting teams.



Kevin Abbott

CISSP, CISA, QSA Information Assurance and Security Lead
Member of ISC2 and ISACA

Kevin started with Cadence in 2008, and leads the SOC (Service Organization Control) Reporting and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance practices. As the SOC reporting lead, Kevin provides readiness and reporting services to companies across multiple industries and verticals. As the primary PCI QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) for the company, Kevin serves as Cadence's liaison to the PCI Security Standards Council, and oversees the operations of the PCI compliance practice.



What Our Clients Are Saying

At The Cadence Group, we take pride in serving our clients in bringing the best results possible. Using our values of expertise, flexibility and insight, we help companies maximize the value of our services to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

“I've used The Cadence Group to help with SOX work my past two companies. In both cases, our IT management has been extremely impressed with their team. In my current company, they are the 'go to' team for anything that comes up to help increase our accounting team's band width to get through big projects. Other firms have one team that sell you on their service and then send you a less experienced team. The Cadence Group gets the right team in front of you early to make the decision and then you get that more experienced team on the ground.”

“We needed more experience to perform a gap analysis and prep for our first SOC 2 attestation. Cadence came in and worked well with the various stakeholders. Cadence showed commitment to our existing business processes and culture, and made efforts to build upon what we had rather than try to replace it. “

“We were looking for someone to help us document our new claims implementation and help us create a new risk control matrix to use going forward in the audit process. E&Y recommended The Cadence Group to help us with this process. Their team was very well qualified to do the task and my team enjoyed working with the Cadence team. The product they provided exceeded our expectations.”

“Our Internal Audit Department was understaffed and under qualified related to IT audits scheduled to be performed. Our performance of audits over the prior two years was subpar and inefficient. In order to perform high quality audits of our IT department, we reached out to The Cadence Group after receiving proposals from multiple firms. The Cadence Group's qualifications, certifications, and experience matched with the expectations of our Audit Committee perfectly. Other firms we received proposals from had a very qualified individual at the top (the partner or senior manager), but the team performing the work lacked experience related to the work we wanted performed. The Cadence Group was willing to customize a team of well qualified individuals to perform audit work. The team we've seen from The Cadence Group has exceeded my expectations.”

“Several years ago, our firm turned to The Cadence Group for assistance in preparing an internal controls report. As reporting standards have changed over time, The Cadence Group has been consultative and helped GPS successfully meet our needs and also our clients' expectations. Relationships are key to our business and this extends to our business partners. The Cadence Group's expertise and professionalism are the drivers behind our ongoing partnership.”

“We loved working with The Cadence Group. They have a total "can do" approach to their work. And they back it up with real results. On time, on budget results. We were faced with implementing a new ERP system from the ground up and needed to migrate transactional data from the old system over to the new system. They took the time to understand our needs and then started cranking out the solutions. We will definitely bring them in again on our next project.”

“They have been a joy to work with. Never have they made us feel stupid for not understanding, or not having something in place. They help us understand, and implement, and then hold us accountable in the exams. We are very happy to use and refer The Cadence group to others! They are very professional, but yet easy to work with and always make sure the process in clear to us even though it has been a new experience for us.”

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